Abbey Gardens Harvest Festival East publicity detail

I volunteer my design services for Abbey Gardens, a urban community garden in Stratford, East London. What was once an overgrown and polluted area of waste ground was transformed, by 2009, into a beautiful open-access garden full of flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. The vision of the garden’s designers, Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie of Somewhere, was ‘that the garden be cultivated communally, that no-one ‘owned’ any of it.’

A group of volunteers run regular public fund-raising events, the highlight of 2015 was Harvest Festival East. The event featured apple bobbing and a fresh juice bar using produce from the garden so I opted to create a logo out of apple peel. We attract funders, supporters, visitors and volunteers through a combination of print, email, blog and social media for which I produce much of the graphics. Design plays an important part in bringing new people to the garden.