Publicity for Abnormally Funny People at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015

For Edinburgh Fringe 2015 the producers of Abnormally Funny People asked me to produce the image and publicity for their 10th anniversary show. Abnormally Funny People is a group of gifted stand-up comedians. All but one of them is disabled. They are all very, very, very funny people.

We commissioned illustrator Libby Parra to draw bodies for each of the comedians who performed. Using Photoshop I combined these with outsized headshots and the logo to create two images that have featured on printed publicity, web and social media and appeared to hold their own amongst the layers of leaflets on display on the Edinburgh streets!

'A fantastic job... fantastically quick in responding to requests, with great designs and ideas, using lovely vibrant colours, perfect for Abnormally Funny People.' Steve Best, September 2015

Illustration: Libby Parra
Photographs in Edinburgh: Steve Best