Joe Stein's thrillers: Book jacket design & illustration

I was asked to create the book jacket design for That Twisted Thing Called Truth, a crime thriller written by Joe Stein and published by Ward Wood Publishing. The aim in a project of this kind is to be both visually striking (as a book unfortunately is often judged by its cover) and to give a flavour of the story and characters. Working alongside the author, Joe Stein, we took photographs for the main character Garron and then the rest of the scene was created from a combination of photographed and sourced imagery. The result is a cover that, with its colour scheme and landmarks, stands out from other books and reflects the London in which the story is set.

I also designed the cover artwork for the sequel, Through Another Night, which was published by Ward Wood Publishing in November 2014.

Photos of Garron for both books & photos of montage elements for That Twisted Thing Called Truth: Timothy French
Photo of fire: Photovova 2014 via Dreamstime